This is what Barbara's clients say:

I met Barbara Ann Petrie through a referral from a friend in September 1997 in Santa Barbara, California.   I found her to be a very warm, loving, spiritual lady.  She is honest, intuitive, and a gifted psychic  Barbara begins her psychic readings with a meditation.  It is through this meditation that she has access to the spiritual realm.  The result is a heart felt message that comes from angels and spirit guides.   I have saved all these written messages because I have found them invaluable to my life.  The hour passes quickly and you are able to discuss any personal issue you choose with Barbara.  When you ask for insight, Barbara is able to see into your past lives to help you see why some experiences in our lives consistently repeat themselves until the lesson is learned.  If you have the opportunity,  I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity.  Her psychic readings, classes and written materials will help you grow and become a more enlightened person.


I guarantee that your life will be enriched and blessed if you cross paths with Barbara Petrie.  I am truly grateful that God brought her into my life.  I will never forget how she helped me change my life for the better. 

Nydia T.
Detroit, MI

I have known Barbara Ann Petrie for 5 years.  She has helped me personally a great deal with decisions I have made.  She has reduced the stress and worry in my life with the information she receives psychically.  She has helped me help my massage clients by giving me information about their health.  Also, she has helped me with my own health concerns.   In one healing session I had with her,  she removed several small fibroids from my uterus using psychic energy.  They have not reappeared.  Several of my clients have had readings by Barbara and they all told me how wonderful she is and how much she helped them.  Barbara loves her work; she loves helping people.  She is an extremely compassionate, caring and kind human being.  I have been to a lot of psychic in my 49 years and she is absolutely the best!

Theresa B.
Fairfax, VA

Through the years that I have known Barbara Ann Petrie, I have had the privilege of discovering that her information and advice has been very accurate.  During this span of time in my life I have had spiritual consultations with others: however, I will say that they have not been nearly as correct in their perceptions about my life and relationships and I have noticed that if I was experiencing an over-riding emotion that some of their information was completely off.   Barbara's information has not been off from the truth that I have experienced in life before or after her consultation's. I rate Barbara in the top 10% of people working in her field today.  I am very fortunate to have her to talk to.

Glenda P.
New Buffalo, MI

For several years I have been receiving readings and guidance from Barbara.  She is insightful and sensitive.  Barbara has helped me make many life choices and decisions.  I have depended on her many times to help me find the answers I need.

Lori E.
Darien, CT

I found Barbara's work to be refreshing, accurate, healing and uplifting. She truly has a great gift.

Denver, CO

Pathways to Spiritual Growth Book

Dear Barbara,
As usual, when I pick up your book and read it wonderful things happen:  I am more connected than ever to my feelings.  Somehow you words open a spiritual door immediately and I know what to do.  Your words give me peace and the permission to acknowledge my feelings.  I realize that everything is fine and the way it is supposed to be.  The forces outside me are really not that important and not worth worrying about. They will not change so why waste energy on them.  Live your life in peace and love as you say.  It works so well.  Every word in your book is so well chosen and clear.  Thanks for giving these words and insights to us all.

With Love and Appreciation,
Jennifer M.
Sarasota, FL

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