A Transformational Guide

"Pathways to Spiritual Growth: A Transformational Guide" incorporates channeled material for spiritual advancement and self empowerment, plus techniques for healing, meditations, spiritual definitions and much more.

The following excerpts are from my book:

"Life is a journey in which the goal is to find inner peace, tranquility and love. You have chosen your path. Know that it is the right path for you to find the love and joy inside of you."


"A rare gift on Earth is to know there are no limitations placed on you. Allow your body to experience the flow of the Universe (see technique). In allowing this flow, you experience a state of limitless possibilities, which can then be translated by the conscious mind to all aspects of ones life."

"Do not limit yourself by your thoughts and words but feel free to express all you desire, and know that you can receive all you desire. It is in our knowing that everything is manifested."

"Grace - what is grace? Grace is a state of being in which all energy is flowing in a positive direction and the light of God is shining on you and you are reflecting that light to others."

"Self-esteem comes from our higher self; knowing the wisdom that we are worthy and all-deserving. To get to this point, one must have forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. Send love to yourself and know you are always in the heart of God."

"Love is an everlasting quality that represents God and all that He/She stands for. Love is respect. Love is goodness. Love is caring. Love is splendor. Love is the essence for which we all strive. Love is the state of perfection. Love is oneness with the Creator. Love is instrumental for our journey home. Love encompasses us in a cocoon of warmth. Self-love is loving the God within us, knowing that we are the perfection of God."

"Appreciation of the earth and the animals, plants, sun, moon, stars, water and all else is giving thanks to God. Set out each day with a purpose to give new love to any one of God's creations, including Mother Earth. Give thanks for the chance to develop a higher awareness of love and godliness, for things both great and small, for the experience of being alive and for the experience of life"

"Pathways to Spiritual Growth: A Transformational Guide" is available for $20, which includes shipping and handling fees.

To order your copy, please call me at 1-917-794-9000 or e-mail your request to me.  Payment may be by check or credit card through PayPal.


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